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Facing criminal charges can be very stressful in and of itself, let alone trying defend yourself and without the professional representation of a competent Attorney.  When you need an aggressive, knowledgeable, experienced,confident and competent attorney to diligently work to defend you against criminal charges of any severity, if you hire us here at the Law Offices of John Charles Allen, LLC he will use his over 20 years of experience and will work and fight hard to protect you, your rights and your liberty.  We will also keep you advised of the status of your case, your options and the risks involved from the beginning of your case until the end and will be available at most times whenever you need or wish to speak with us about your case.  We will do our very best to obtain the best available results for you regardless of whether you are chraged with a minor traffic violation, DWI/DUI, suspended or revoked driving privilege/license, shoplifting, harrassment, violation of probation, robbery, assault, drug offense, theft, kidnapping, sex crime, murder or any other offense/charge


• Assault & Battery
• Arson
• Burglary
• Disorderly Person Offenses
• Domestic Violence
• Embezzlement
• Expungements
• Fraud
• Gun & Weapon Charges
Juvenile Offenses 
• Manslaughter & Murder
• Municipal Court
• Probation Violations
• Sex Crimes
• Theft
• Terroristic Threats
• Stalking
• Harassment 
• Drug Crimes & Drug Court Cases:
  - Drug Distribution, Drug Possession
    with Intent, Prescription Drug Crimes, Drug 
    Smuggling & 
Trafficking, as Well as 
    Marijuana & Heroin Charges
When you are seeking to immigrate to the United States for the first time or are in the United States illegally and are out of satus, seeking to change your immigration status, seeking a green card, facing criminal charges or have been convicted or plead guilty to a crime, are in removal/deportation proceedings, seeking citizenship/naturalization, must appear before an Immigration Judge, seeking to renew your non-immigrant status (B1/B2, H-1B, H-2 or other non-immigrant visa) or have other immigration questions, concerns or matters we here at the Law Offices of John Charles Allen, LLC have over 20 years of experience handling immigration matters from simple to very complex, to pursue lawful immigration status for you and your family members or to help you change your immigration status if that is what you require. In our over 20 years of handling immigration matters successfully for our clients we have on many occasions solved cases both simple and complicated. We handle cases involving petition process before USCIS, serious matters before the immigration court, such as defending against removal or deportation and handle family based, business immigration matters, labor certification, motions to reconsider and reopen, appeals (to Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)) and other immigration matters. If you find yourself in a matter of divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence or other family law related matter and you hire the services of the Law Offices of John Charles Allen, LLC, you will receive compassionate and when necessary aggressive reorientation to protect your rights, your rights as a parent and most importantly the best interest of your children. With over 20 years of experience, handling family law cases we at the Law Offices of John Charles Allen, LLC have the experience to work toward and seek the best and most desirable results for you and your family
• Adoption
• Alimony
• Annulments
• Child Custody, Visitation, & Parenting Time
• Child Support
• Divorce
• Domestic Violence
• Equitable Distribution & Property Division 
• Fathers’ & Grandparents’ Rights
• Mediation & Arbitration 
• Modification of Existing Child Support Orders & Other Family Orders
• Modification of Child Visitation & Parenting Times
• Spousal Support
• Immigration Issues Related to Family Law
• Abuse
• Restraining Orders 

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• Green Cards, Work Visas, & J-1 Visas
• Waivers
• Employment Authorizations
• Citizenships
• Deportation
• Removal
• Stay & Cancellation of Removal
• Criminal Immigration Matters
• Incarcerated Aliens
• Bond Hearings
• Child Status Protection Act (CSPA)
• Asylum
• Convention Against Torture Claims
• Self-Petitions
• Battered Spouse Petitions
• Appeals to VIA Capital
• Motion to Reopen Petitions
• Petitions for Review
• Business & Employment Immigration
• Immigration Court
• Consular Proceedings
• Same-Sex Marriage Immigration
We also handle immigration matters that involve aspects of criminal law and/or prior criminal convictions
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When are injured or harmed by another or being accused of causing injury or harm to another, we will vigorously protect you and work hard to protect your rights. You can also come to us to help you resolve your case and conflict with another by retaining us to act as a mutual mediator and work to assist you to resolve your disputes in a reputable manner. In addition, if you wish to avoid the expense and the delays of resolving your matters in court we offer services as arbitrators where we would listen to each side of a case and make a decision intending to resolve the disputes in a fair, equitable and lawful manner


• Juvenile Delinquency 

• Civil Court 
• Interpersonal 
• Housing, Property, Landlord, & Tenant 
• Elder Care Disputes & Elder Law
• Special Education Mediation
• Lemon Law 
• Neighbor 
• Parenting, Visitation, & Child Support 
• Personal & Business Debt
• Breach of Contract 
• Co-Worker 
• School Conflicts
• Disciplinary
•  Employment/Labor Matters
•  Union Disputes

• Wrongful Termination
• Personal Injury
• Medical Malpractice
• Collections
• Commercial Law
• Consumer Fraud
• Entertainment Law
• Contract Review for Professional Athletes &
• Iintellectual Property
• Zoning & Land Use
• Contract Drafting
• Contract Review

• Contract Negotiation
• Negligence
• Wills, Trusts, & Estates
• Foreclosures
• Real Estate Law

We here at the Law Offices of John Charles Allen, LLC have over 20 years of experience handling bankruptcy matters and matters with the bankruptcy court. Whether you are a debtor or creditor we will diligently represent you. If you are a debtor we will work hard to see that you receive all of the relief from debt that you are entitled to in order to allow you a financial fresh start and to relieved of the immense financial pressure and strain that you are under. We will work hard to protect your assets as well. If you are a creditor we will represent you diligently and work hard to protect your rights to be paid what you are owed.We handle both individualk/jointbankruptcy matters and business bankruptcy matters.  Whether the right path for you is a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 or other more complex bankruptcy matter or if you are seeking to enforce your rights as a creditor, we will work hard for you and sek the best possible results for you.



For more than 20 years, the Law Offices of John Charles Allen, LLC, with it's principle off in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has represented clients successfully and fought hard to protect their rights. John Charles Allen, Esquire is a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator offering a wide range of legals services for individuals, businesses, families, employers and employees.

We are well-versed in laws in New Jersey and have represented people in many courts, cities, and towns throughout the state of New Jersey. We work hard to help anyone with their legal issues once retained and are available to be contacted at most anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your calls, even during holidays.
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• The New Jersey State Bar Association

• American Bar Association (ABA)
• American Immigration Lawyers Association
• American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA)
• Federal Bar Association (FBA)
• Middlesex County Bar Association (MCBA)